WOW..First Official Portrait Of Melania Released And Everyone Immediately Notices One Thing VERY Different In It (LOOK) ||

The White House released the first official portrait of our First Lady on Monday. While there have been no shortage of pictures posted of Melania Trump since taking on this new role, there was something very different about this particular photograph that everyone immediately noticed for all the wrong reasons.

Melania looks nothing short of stunning and regal in the official photo that accompanies her biography on the White House website, wearing a conservative black suit and scarf. The description provides insight into her life and her journey to the White House, as well as some of her personality traits that are largely overlooked by the liberal media who loves to hate her.

“Melania Knavs began her modeling career at the age of sixteen. She would pursue a degree at the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia, but paused her studies to advance her modeling career in Milan and Paris before moving to New York in 1996,” the biography reads in part, Lynx Media reported. “With a penchant and passion for the arts, architecture, design, fashion and beauty, Melania has thrived on the cultural diversification of New York City. This passion can only be surpassed by her dedication to helping others, and her generosity has been noted.”

However, that’s not what everyone noticed who were grossly fixated on something else they saw. As soon as the photo hit the Daily Mail readers didn’t hesitate to rip her apart, commenting in droves about how “airbrushed” she looked in the shot and comparing her to their heroine, Michelle Obama, who they suggested wasn’t retouched in her official portrait. It’s comical to make such an assertion since there is a vast difference in candid shots of Michelle compared to professional shots, but that wasn’t all.

First Official Portrait Of Melania Released And Everyone Immediately Notices One Thing VERY Different In It

It’s no secret that portraits are retouched for quality, but it’s hard to understand why this is something to hate on Melania for, other than that it’s simply something to say to try to bring an elegant woman down.

“So tacky! What a joke,” one reader commented who clearly doesn’t understand what having tact is and must have confused her comments to refer to Michelle. Another commenter took aim at Melania’s wedding ring, saying that they don’t think that “flashing a 25 karat diamond ring is tasteful for anyone, especially by one whose husband won the WH off the poor.” She’s married and is allowed to wear the ring Donald Trump bought and shouldn’t have to switch it out to appease people jealous of their wealth.

The ongoing hateful commentary about a respectable picture of our classy First Lady just goes to show that liberals will always find something to pick Melania apart for since she’s not Michelle Obama. Even when there’s nothing, they’ll create it just to have a reason to complain, divide, and try to conquer conservatives.

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