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for over 15 years now. That war has taken us down a long and unexpected path, but the threat to our national security is still great. The sheer number of middle eastern immigrants that actually claim, right out in the open, that they would be willing to die if they could take a few “infidels” with them, is astounding. And that’s not even counting all the ones still overseas that are far from peaceable.

The movement of extreme political correctness tells us that it’s not ok to equate terrorism with any particular religious group. This is terrible for a couple of reasons; the first is that it allows this religion of hate to grow, unchecked within our borders, and even legally immigrate with deadly motives. The second is that it means we’re not allowed to give the religion any bad press, and the weak minded, such as the young or lonely can be drawn to it.

One irate school teacher decided to put his voice out there and try to do something about it. He is listed as an employee of the Houston Independent School district, and apparently, a disgruntled patriot.  James A. Bretney took to Twitter to try and drop some knowledge on his followers about the truths of Islam.

His statements included such unacceptable language as:

“Love Jesus or go to hell. You have been warned.” and

“Embrace Islam and you embrace death.


  • The Houston chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations wants the Houston Independent School District to investigate a series of controversial tweets.

    Mustafaa Carrol, the executive director of the Islamic council said:

    “The reason we are concerned is because he’s a teacher. If he wasn’t a teacher, this conversation probably wouldn’t be taking place,” said Carroll.

    Unfortunately for Carroll, this is still America, and this teacher isn’t giving up his rights without a fight. According to Garrick Muller @garrick_muller

Texas teacher ‘not backing down’ from anti-Islam stance Photo published for Texas teacher 'not backing down' from anti-Islam stance