Nightmare Brews In South Chinese Sea As Military Conditions Become Perfect For Disaster

Those who are watching the hands on the Doomsday Clock as they creep onwards toward midnight have been suggesting that North Korea will be where nuclear war begins. Defectors of considerable rank have risked their lives to tell us that NK’s leader, the crazed Kim Jong-un, would not hesitate to use his non-feeding hand to push the button. That said, there are other ways that nuclear warfare could happen, and oddly enough, many of those scenarios are still ones that would unfold from within the Orient. For all of its innate beauty, there is a lot of unrest and tension in Asia just waiting to boil over into a global scene of death.

For instance, CNBC is reporting that there is a “nightmare scenario brewing” in the East China Sea. One of those issues revolve around what are (some say “were”) uninhabited islands off of the coast of Japan. They are rich in fishing (which is important since Fukushima has made most seafood in the ocean even more toxic than this area), they have important trade routes, and may hold oil and gas reserves. China has a history of wanting to claim all of Asia, something that does not seem to have died down in 2017 as they seek these reserves for themselves. The fact that radiological clean-up could cost 70 TRILLION yen ($630 billion US dollars) in Japan means that they have the motive to seek both this energy and its capital from these islands. Historically, they have been Japanese islands.


Whenever citizens look up and see another nation’s planes in their skies, something must be done.

To combat this, China has been flying into Japan’s airspace and in reply, have been met with Japanese “F-15 jet intercepts,” according to CNBC. Not only could this lead to an attack from either side, but this could lead the United States or even other nations to enter into the issue. This is the kind of downward chaos that lead to the first World War, one that began with the shooting of just a single man. When Communist China’s President, Xi, meets with the American President, it will be one of the most important meetings to happen in many years. With so much at stake, it could be argued that not since Reagan sat with Gorbachev has the world been closer to seeing the unthinkable become a horrid reality.

Japan shares many of its airstrips with those that commercial travelers use, it is reported, so commercial travelers can see Chinese jets invading their airspace and Japanese fighters tearing down the runway to counter them. For a nation that saw two nuclear bombs fall upon them to end World War II, the image of another nation’s fighter jets in their Japanese skies carries a fright-inducing reaction that no other country can fully understand. “They’ve routinized their intrusions into our territorial sea space,” said Eisuke Tanabe, a Senior Policy Coordinator in the Joint Staff Councilor’s Office located at the Japanese Ministry of Defense. He added, “We send our fighters, and that makes the situation possibly very dangerous, when fighters and fighters come close,” referring to both Chinese and Japanese fighters.


A foreboding number of ships from many Asian nations are occupying disputed parts of the ocean and near contested islands close to Japan.

This war baiting encroachment (which is also happening in Japanese waters, not only in their airspace) is leading to many close calls and scrambles. Between April and December of 2016, the Chinese caused 644 infractions on Japan’s sovereignty that demanded a reaction, which they got. That was 644 times that just one pilot misreading or engaging only one time could have lead to a standoff on the foothold of mass destruction. This is the highest rate of such provocation observed since the days of the Cold War when Soviet and Chinese taunting mixed with aggressive actions were common.

Donald Trump, meanwhile, has taken the morally noble stance of standing up for the freedom and protection of Taiwan. China considers any hint of acknowledgment towards Taiwan’s statement of sovereignty an attack upon their pride, as seen by their anger at Trump accepting even a call of congratulations from their leader. The White House is refusing to back down from the just cause and is readying an arms package that would protect them from an ever-growing Chinese threat. Much like North Korea who strutted until the U.S. began to react, so China has disturbed the waters enough that America is again concerned for Taiwan. China has brought this attention down upon themselves.


China, a communist nation, makes slaves of their workforce as they steal American jobs.

Chinese Defense Ministry spokesperson Wu Qian has stated that “it is futile to use weapons to refuse unification, and is doomed to have no way out.” This could be interpreted as “it is useless to resist us taking Taiwan back and we shall destroy you in a war if you try,” very easily. That is more than mildly worrisome. America stands by so many nations that would just as soon spit on us as shake our hand, and yet Donald Trump has seen a lot of blowback from Democrats on the left who claim to care so much about the suffering of innocents. Taiwan did not just whine and ask for aid, they took up arms (unlike many in Iraq that ran when ISIS came knocking) and defined both their exit from China and their democracy on THEIR terms. That is to be supported, though U.S. boots on the ground is not the best solution at hand, and not one that the President will likely choose.

In closing, we can judge character on a number of things. For example, we could say that some facets of Islam are known to be evil not because America says it, but because the whole world has endured their terror. It is not an issue of the U.S. starting a fight, but of ISIS demanding one even as America attempted to pull back forces. There is no way that all of those nations could be wrong about this kind of Islam. Likewise, this is not about Trump saying “bad things” about China stealing our jobs or manipulating their money, for if it was, would Japan, Taiwan, and most of the Orient feel also that they were a problem? Of course not. Therefore, the world is seeing things as they really are. This should be made very clear to China as they meet in America for talks.

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