JUST IN: FBI Dir. James Comey Now Under Investigation – The Reason Is Mind-Blowing…

JUST IN: FBI Dir. James Comey Now Under Investigation – The Reason Is Mind-Blowing…

Finally, we are going to get some answers. FBI Director James Comey and his Deputy Director Andrew McCabe are under investigation by the Senate Judiciary Committee, which wants these two Trump-hating corrupt top-cops to come clean about two specific wrongdoings that could put them both out of a job.

According to Washington Examiner: Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Charles “Chuck” Grassley is heading up a new investigation into Comey and McCabe’s possible misconduct involving their previous plan to pay former British spy Christopher Steele to investigate Donald Trump during the election and a $700,000.00 campaign donation received by McCabe’s wife from a Hillary Clinton associate. This reeks of corruption, and finally, Comey is being held accountable for weaponizing the FBI for the benefit of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

According to LifeZette: Chuck Grassley sent a letter to Comey on March 28, demanding that he provide an answer as to why the FBI planned on paying Steele, who created the false Russia dossier, to continue investigating Trump during the election. Furthermore, Grassley wants Comey to provide information regarding McCabe’s involvement in the Hillary Clinton email scandal during a time when McCabe’s wife received $700,000.00 in campaign contributions which were organized by Hillary Clinton’s close friend, Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe.

“The idea that the FBI and associates of the [Hillary] Clinton campaign would pay Mr. Steele to investigate the Republican nominee for president in the run-up to the election raises further questions about the FBI’s independence from politics, as well as the Obama administration’s use of law enforcement and intelligence agencies for political ends,” Grassley wrote in his letter to Comey.

In addition, Grassley demanded that Comey turn over all of its records related to Steele and the dossier he falsified as well as “all FBI policies, procedures, and guidelines applicable when the FBI seeks to fund an investigator associated with a political opposition research firm connected to a political candidate, or with any outside entity.”

Grassley reiterated that Comey’s second in command, McCabe, is already under investigation by the FBI’s inspector general for his leadership role in the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email probe at a time when his wife was receiving substantial campaign contributions from close Clinton associates.

This could not possibly look any worse for Comey and McCabe. The two of them need investigated and then given a fair trial before going to jail. This is not just an offense against President Donald Trump during his election campaign but also a grave offense against the American people and an obstruction of our most sacred democratic principle. Comey never thought in a million years that Trump would be elected, so he probably just went full speed ahead with whatever evil plan was hatched between himself, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton. I’m ready to see these corrupt people pay for their crimes. It’s time to lock them up.

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