BREAKINK: Ben Carson Finds Shocking Evidence of Fraud.. What do you think? (LOOK) ||

Thank God for Ben Carson. Literally, he arrived just in the nick of time to save HUD from the massive corruption endemic to the organization.

Ben Carson was nominated by Trump to run this organization in a way that no politician has ever done.

Instead of protecting funding to pay for bloated bureaucracy, Carson will put that money directly into fixing the broken system.

Look closely at this shocking report from the Daily Caller – this is what Ben Carson is up against.

The report states, “The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) financial records have been so poorly kept that HUD’s inspector general cannot complete an audit of them.

WHAT? They can’t even do a routine audit?

According to the new report, HUD officials cleaned up $3.4 billion in errors from its 2015 financial records and $516.4 billion in errors from 2016.

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The inspector general said he could not complete the audit, “due to an inability to establish a compliant control environment, implement adequate financial accounting systems, retain key financial staff, and identify appropriate accounting principles and policies.”

The issues identified by the IG include, “refusals to sign a management letter listing all HUD litigation, the department’s improper accounting practices, failure to properly measure assets and liabilities, discrepancies between general ledger and sub-ledger accounts, and $4.2 billion in loan assets from Ginnie Mae’s financial statements that lack sufficient support for an audit.”

The IG pointed out “11 material weaknesses, seven significant deficiencies, and five instances of failure to comply with laws and regulations, problems reported for three straight years.”

In December 2016, HUD spokesman Brian Sullivan said, “HUD does apply generally accepted accounting standards.”

That much is clear. As is that Ben Carson is the right man for this key position.

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