Not only was he inarguably the worst president in American history, but he was the most crooked one too! released an article listing 78 illegal things Obama did during his time in the Oval Office. Here are just some of the crimes Obama committed:

He’s illegally armed Mexican drug cartels and ISIS militants.

He’s illegally targeted conservative groups using the IRS

And he’s ordered a private business to shut down a new factory, effectively killing 1000 new jobs, just because the factory was non-union

Has attempted to shut down gun stores outside of the law with Operation Choke Point

And many other things that the article covers.

But here’s the point: Obama is a CROOK!

One thing that the article doesn’t mention is the fact that he has also wire-tapped Trump Towers to spy on then President-elect, Donald Trump. So that’s one more thing that he can add to his crook résumé’.

In the article in which I talked about how Trump is the people’s champion, I briefly mentioned that no other past president (perhaps with the exception of Bill Clinton) is more deserving of a jail sentence than Barack Hussein Obama. One look through that list of transgressions is enough to both convince and remind me of the fact that Obama was crooked during his presidency. (And likely will remain just as crooked in his post-presidency life.)

What lies at the center of this crookedness shouldn’t come as a surprise to most if not all of you. What lies at the center is evil. Evil itself. You see, contrary to what the Left would want you to believe, man is born evil. He’s born a sinner. And it’s only through the divine ordinance of God that we can be good. There can be no good in this world without God. Think about it, you can’t spell GOOD without G.O.D. Since we know this to be true, we also know that Obama and just about everyone on the Left (and those within the Republican establishment) is evil. And crookedness is simply one part of evil.

During the 2016 Presidential Race, Trump would often refer to his opponent, Hillary Clinton, as Crooked Hillary. And he was right. With all the things that Hillary has done, not to mention the scam that was the Clinton Global Initiative, one can accurately say that Hillary was a crook.

But the title of crook doesn’t just go to Hillary. Since she’s been defeated, and out of the picture, there’s no longer a need to refer to her as Crooked Hillary, regardless of how true that really is. Instead, we should start referring to Barack Obama as Crooked Barry. Since that reference is just as true as Hillary’s, it works.

But back to my previous point, about Obama and the Left being evil, the reason I say that they are evil is because they live without God in their hearts. You see, man is born evil, but he can choose to remain evil or turn to God and be righteous. Man can be good only through God. Now, you may be thinking: “But Freddie, a person can be good without God. A total stranger can be nice to another person out of the kindness of their own heart without God.” Well, here’s the thing. Under whose standard is a person good? Society’s, government’s, or God’s?

In today’s society, it’s good to be gay. It’s cool. Also it’s good to want to enter the ladies’ restroom if you’re a man. It’s good if you’re crossing the border illegally and entering a country illegally. Also it’s good if you claim to be a refugee, claiming to be running away from the very oppressive rule you’re trying to impose on other people and in other countries. Government (at least its establishment) thinks the same. Society is progressive… Government establishment is progressive… God is God. God thinks that all of these things are wrong. And He should know, since He created absolutely everything, including the dark angel who thinks these things are good.

God has said that being gay is a sin. It’s not right. God didn’t intend for man to be with man, or woman to be with woman. He doesn’t want women and children to be in danger of being raped or killed because a burly man claims he thinks is a woman. He doesn’t want people to enter a new country and make it into the one they left or escaped from. That’s not immigration, that’s invasion. It’s not society’s or government’s standard of goodness that we should strive to meet. It’s God’s. And we can only hope to meet it if the Holy Spirit lives within us.

People think they’ll enter heaven if they’re good people and do good things. Those people are wrong. It’s not through works that you’re granted access to heaven, it’s through the Lord Jesus Christ. I don’t know if Obama thinks he’s going to heaven. He probably doesn’t believe in it and won’t believe until he’s gone from this earth. But I can tell you now, he’s Hell-bound. Unless he finds Christ, that will be his ultimate destination.


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